Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A friend sent me a link today, and I went to this blog, and read this posting by this mom, 
Mothering a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder, 
and I wondered if she had been reading my mail!
I am the adoptive mom to three, two of which have been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder, and I know that friends and foes alike have watched me and wondered why the heck I always seem exhausted and so needy.  Picture riding to church on Sunday morning, with either one or two children fighting, complaining, and asking endless questions all the way, and I can assure you that I am NOT in a Christian, ready-to worship state of mind when we pull up, and then the precious little princesses glide into church, one the social butterfly, and the other one, with the tear described in the blog article linked above, and everyone is looking at my poor little darlings and wondering how the heck they put up with me!
If someone asked me what I need, I assure you that sleep would top the list, followed by health, which, of course, could probably be linked back to that sleep thing.
Every year since I have adopted, I have promised myself that THIS will be the year that I start that book I always wanted to write, and I haven't even written the first paragraph yet!

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