Monday, June 29, 2009

I've Been Out of Commission

I've been out of commission for awhile. My youngest brother Aaron died suddenly of a heart attack. I was able to fly to California for his funeral, and we are planning a memorial in New York on August 9. I am still not okay, but have finally started writing again. For a bit, I wondered if I would ever write again, and a fellow writer urged me to pick my pen back up in a hurry, and share my pain that way, lest it consume me.
I'm not sure how relevant my articles will be for awhile, but I will continue to write!
My brother Aaron is pictured at the left with his wife, Silja. They were as happy as they look, and I'm not sure how she will survive, either. Life won't ever be the same, that's for sure, and things don't seem as wonderful as they did a month ago...the rose colored glasses are definitely gone.

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