Monday, February 23, 2009

Maria O'Brien and Ehow Podcast

As I've shared with you before, I follow Maria O'Brien aka Writergig on ehow, and try in some fashion to emulate her, as she's making big bucks on eHow, and I would like to.
Someone on eHow emailed me a podcast of Maria, and today I discovered that TalkShoe offered a button to embed in my blog, so that I could share it with you!
At the right, in the dark blue box that says ebay selling coach, click on the down arrow by the drop box that says "past episodes", and select "episode 22:ehow and passive income". The podcast is a phone call between ebay selling coach and Maria O'Brien, where Maria shares some of her eHow tips.
Maria's e-book, "How to Earn Passive Income on eHow" is also listed for sale $25 at the right if you click on "buy now" it will take you directly to her check out.
Listen to the's free, and has lots of great tips!


  1. This is really cool that you can hear her! Her voice gives you hope that you CAN do this!

  2. It made me happy...I struggle all the time with not being suspicious of people, and this certainly made her seem more real to me. She came off as real and sincere, not preachy and too smooth.

  3. Thanks for sharing. She gave me some ideas. It is hard staying motivated as a beginner. I have 19 articles and over a period of 45 days, I have total earnings of $1.66. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I'll keep working on it!

  4. Remember that the categories that earn the most are health, legal, and money making. My best articles so far have been my daycare articles.
    I also write for the Examiner, which allows you to write in your niche, and the pay there increases more quickly, but it's harder to write only about one subject every day. It's refreshing to switch back and forth!Ü

  5. I listened to the entire podcast twice. I write for eHow, and have been trying to increase my earnings, but it's been tough. Associated Content seems easier, but the earnings potential isn't as high. I had been writing for eHow through Demand Studios, but I felt that I was being underpaid at $15 per article. I think I'm going to spring for her ebook; it sounds like it will help me to increase my earnings significantly.

  6. It's all in the SEO of your content and the content or topic of your article.