Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Online Earning Potential

I have been diligently seeking new ways to make money while writing on the Internet. I read everything I can, research it, look for the strings that are often attached, and try to be really careful about who and what I recommend.
I received a recommendation from another blogger to check out the Examiner. She writes for the Examiner in her area, and if I am accepted, I will write for the New York Examiner. I filled out an application, submitted a sample article, and now the waiting begins.....
I also stumbled across Xomba, another writing spot similar to Ehow, which is dear to my heart. I have met some of my favorite people on eHow, and the support there is amazing. I will have to keep you posted about Xomba. There are a lot more rules and regulations there, and it appears to have a smaller following.
You are always welcome to go and see what I am doing on eHow. If you can't jump right to my articles through the links in this page, you can always google AdirondackTrina. There can't be many more like me!Ü

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